About Great Canadian Female Poker Champions

Recently I found great article about female Canadian poker players. I admit that I think the same way all of those bad males are thinking.

It is fair to say that poker is a male-dominated world. Though there are thousands of excellent female poker players sitting side-by-side the men, they tend to be looked at as a pretty little accessories rather than the determined, worthy competitors that they are. More fool the men, though, because these little ladies are a force to be reckoned with. Take professional female poker player Xuan Liu. This particular pretty face bluffed her way through to finish an extremely impressive third place in the EPT San Remo this year – a huge step up from her 31st place at the 2007 British Columbia Poker Championships and coming 69th in the 2010 NLHE Ladies Championship. This Toronto native is more than enough example of how female poker players are taking this still patriarchal world by storm, but she isn’t the only one. Fellow Canadian Dinara Khaziyeva’s most recent competitions left her 16th place (no Limit Hold’ Em) and 11th place (Ladies No Limit Hold’ Em) in the Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza 3 in June after landing a very impressive 6th place in Season 9 of the WPT Celeb Invitational.

Another fair face hailing from Quebec is Isabelle Mecrier. This gorgeous girl’s notable professional poker credentials such as winner of the WPT Ladies Night Out Championships as well as impressive finishes in tonnes of other poker tourneys has left this girl ranked 19th in the world of female poker pros and earned here the nickname “No Mercy.”

I think you’ll agree that all of these female poker players present a real threat to the men of professional online poker, which is exactly why these ladies crave their status as worthy adversaries to be the focus of attention rather than their admittedly good looks. Professional poker is a tough and extremely competitive world already without these women having to struggle to be taken seriously. These ladies should be celebrated for flying the flag for female poker players worldwide and it is about time that they are recognised as serious competitors rather than being treated as pretty faces on the side lines.

source: gregdemcy.net


  1. This Toronto native is more than online enough example of how female poker players are taking this still patriarchal world by storm,

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